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Pharos online family history courses

Eilir is a Pharos Tutors instructor and teaches both the

Researching Your Welsh Ancestors and Living Relatives courses.


They are online five week courses, currently held once a year, and so wherever you are in the world, Eilir can help you to discover your Welsh roots, or to trace long lost family members.


For more details on dates, cost and how to book your place on these particular courses, follow the relevant links below:

I want to compliment you highly on the amazing extent and depth of your knowledge in this field as well as your obvious care about it. I believe that I have acquired a sense of the context for the genealogical research that lies ahead and will be working from these lessons for a long time to come.

May I say how fantastic this course has been. Thank you, thank you so much for all your hard work and encouragement.

I had hoped for some time that Pharos would run a Welsh Ancestors course and I have not been disappointed. The course was absolutely magical in its content and far exceeded my expectations. I hadn't realised before how complicated the Welsh history and culture was. It has certainly opened my eyes, has made me want to know more and made me realise why I may be experiencing some difficulties with my own Welsh research. Thank you Pharos and Eilir.

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